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The Podcast Pulse, India 2024

Sample Report
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What's in the report?

India's first comprehensive report on the state of podcasting

India's first comprehensive report on the state of podcasting

2024 India has surged to become the third-largest market for podcast listeners globally, yet only 15% of Indians are currently engaged, leaving a vast untapped audience waiting to be explored.

The Podcast Pulse addresses this gap by offering actionable insights into consumer preferences, content choices, favoured hosts, and preferred platforms. This first-of-its-kind comprehensive report on podcast consumption in India, is set to revolutionise the way we understand this dynamic medium.

Developed by Unpac Research Pvt. Ltd., this landmark report offers unprecedented insights into the evolving landscape of podcasting in India. It is the ultimate guide for businesses seeking to thrive in this industry, providing essential market insights, competition landscape analysis, growth opportunities, content strategy, user engagement retention, and potential industry partnerships.

The methodology behind The Podcast Pulse involved a meticulous blend of quantitative and qualitative research techniques.


Engaging 2,170 individuals across 10 cities in India, including Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Indore, Patna, and Jaipur, the report gauged awareness and listenership statistics. Additionally, detailed interviews with 1,800 active listeners provided invaluable insights into their behaviour and preferences.

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