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Hi Pune! What are you listening to?

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

The four podcasts you should definitely listen to if you are a Punekar!

Pune city prides itself for its IT hub, the automobile & manufacturing units & of course, the rich culture the Punekar patronises – theatre, films, music. It is in this space the growing popularity of podcasts has witnessed a new surge since lockdown. Despite so much content to consume in the video OTT space, there has been a positive shift to audio medium. In fact, India saw a 29.3% increase in podcast consumption in the first year of the pandemic, according to a recent KPMG Report. Podcasts also provide an opportunity to break away from increasingly cluttered, and expensive social and video platforms. It is so consumer-centric & friendly.

During this phase, Pune-focused and Marathi content has also seen a boom in podcasts. The people of this beautiful city enjoy a fast paced life, yet a calm environment to go about their chores. In such cases, they prefer the audio OTT medium more, which keeps them entertained and well informed.

In keeping with the Punekar’s lifestyle, we present the top four podcasts that every Punekar will definitely enjoy.

The Punekar podcast

With over 10,000 weekly listeners, ‘The Punekar Podcast’ felicitates achievers from the city in their respective fields. Currently in its 3rd season, the show has featured eminent personalities from all walks of life such as Sameer Belvalkar, Rahul Solapurkar, Prafful Chandawarkar, Amit Paranjape and many more.

Coffee, Cricket ani Barach Kaahi

Cricket for Indians is their heartbeat, like no other sports. With the growing leagues, new players coming up, through these games, the people have a keen interest in the details of a match, interesting trivia and stories of the cricketers. Coffee, Cricket and Barach Kaahi is a show dedicated to cricket fans. As one of the largest Marathi cricket podcast, the show has weekly releases featuring news and interviews with guests such as Amol Muzumdar, Pravin Amre, Sanjay Manjrekar, etc. The show has completed nearly 150 episodes in 15 months and has a weekly reach of over 15,000 Marathi cricket lovers globally.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj

Going by the name, the podcast throws light on the story of the Maratha emperor, Shivaji Maharaj. The first season got listeners up, close & personal to Shivaji Maharaj, while its second season focused on the trivia of all his forts, the science behind their set up, locations and how the Maratha Empire was built etc. Its 3rd season is all set to release in December. The show is amongst the top 5 Marathi podcasts in India and enjoys a reach of over 30k listeners in India.

Vaadach Nahi

In a culture–rich city, podcast revelling in the literary works of famous personalities like PL Deshpande, Vadaach Nahi is an ode to Marathi literature. It is a journey of learning, discovery, new perspectives and continued awe of his great works. Hosted by Vineet Alurkar, Bhupal Limaye and Dhruv Bhate, the show is a discovery and rediscovery of some of PL’s greatest work. The show was launched on the birthday of PL Deshpande, and reaches out to people from all ages among the Marathi clan.

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